Welcome to Real Readers

Welcome to the Real Readers programme. We’re working with some of the UK’s finest publishers to bring readers, publishers and authors closer together.

Real Readers gives you the chance to read and review books before they are published, comment on cover designs and feedback on specific topics to publishers. The more you contribute to Real Readers, the more benefits you’ll receive.

How does Real readers work?

  • We will send you books carefully selected for your reading tastes
  • Some books might be accompanied by some specific questions from the publisher
  • We’d like you to read the book, and share your thoughts with your friends and on any websites you feel are appropriate – for example Amazon, Bookarmy, Goodreads or maybe your own blog
  • We ask you to report back with your thoughts within four weeks of receiving a book by coming back here and filling in a form which tells us what you thought and where you posted your reviews

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